The design and construction of the 50 bed hospital in Kermanshah began in 1992 on a piece of land of about one hectare. The project was designed for specialty purposes as it was located in the Emam Khomeini Hospital area and for the existence of Emam Reza general hospital in the vicinity.

In the design of hospitals, the mere specification of the existing medical expertise cannot be considered the design hub. In line with medical and construction standards regarding different parts of the hospitals, full attention to culture and the demographic characteristics of the users of the hospital, among other things, would be of special importance.

In this project, with an eye onto climate and climate conditions, special private rooms and semi-private rooms were designed in order to control infection and provide more comfort to patients and for the purpose of reducing the probability of transmission of hospital infection, lots of complicated installation designs were implemented.

It is added that lighting and color changes were some of the other measures that were taken to change the hospital spheres. Applying these measures would create a sense of security and confidence in patients which in turn would enhance their physical and emotional development and betterment and the recuperation of the patients. The selected criteria for the design and implementation of this project were based on the international standards, with an eye onto the criteria of Iranian architectural spheres and the likes and dislikes of the client.

Layout Specifications:


Roofed Area of Coverage: 7326.68 square meters

Number of Floors: 3

Total Beds: 50 beds

Curative Facilities:

Physiotherapy: Motion Therapy and Hydrotherapy

Diagnostic Ward: lab and radiology

Intensive Care Unit: 12 beds

Emergency Ward: 8 beds

Clinic Ward

Surgery section: 2 operating rooms

Two bed Hospitalization: 20 beds

Hospitalization bearing rooms with shared tub: 10 beds

The Installations Room

Project title: Kermanshah Fifty Bed Hospital for Accidents and Burns

Executive Organization [Client]: University of Medical Sciences

Benefactor: Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Consultant: Mahervahamkaran Consulting Engineers

Main Building Contractor: Boland Payeh Company

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