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Having completed his academic Studies in the field of Roads and Buildings Construction (Civil Engineering) at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Tehran, Engineer Mr. Hossein Koushafar became the person in charge of construction of Sanandaj – Saghez Road in 1964, and very soon became the key figure in technical affairs of the Ministry of Civil Development and Housing and was assigned to various official positions to the following effect:

  • Director General of the General Office of Civil Development and Housing of Ports and Islands of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Province

  • Director General of General Office of Housing and Urban Development of Khorasan Province

  • Vice Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

  • Vice University Chancellor

Engineer Mr. Hossein Koushafar commenced his activities in the private sector through founding Maher Va Hamkaran Consulting Engineers Co. in 1982.
Maher Va Hamkaran Consulting Engineers Co., enjoying the highest rank in the realm of various academic, sports, health and sanitary, medical, official, industrial, and military projects in recent times, has had the honor of comprehensive pathological redesigning, enhancement and completion of the Faculties of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Medicine, Geriatrics, Paramedics, and veterinary medicine, as well as libraries and amphitheaters with very high capacities in 23 of the Big State Universities throughout the country. Assessment studies, designing, and executive performance of several Multipurpose Sports Complexes as well as football stadiums have also been carried out under the management of Engineer Mr. Hossein Koushafar, of Maher Va Hamkaran Consulting Engineers Co.

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