Descriptive overview of the proposed services

A  Summary of the services of Part one, Stage one:

  1. A study and re-assessment of the available research of Part one, stage one,
  2. Information collection and ideas-exchange with the client in order to get to know the present and prospective needs of the project
  3. Site observation and study of the land location regarding size, slope, perspective, neighborhood, and natural circumstances along with taking photos and plan preparation
  4. A study of the availabilities in the area, and how to provide the fundamental infrastructure of the project such as road network, water network, electricity, gas, etc.; as well as a study of the rules and regulations and the approved urban projects which have an impact on the project at hand
  5. A review of climatic history, traditional architecture, local construction materials, and their impact on the overall design
  6. Overall physical programming inclusive of the determination of present and future needs of the design
  7. A study of the criteria and global standards and how they fit into the specific circumstances of the design including:
    1. using foreign source books and references;
    2. using the internet and acquiring the most recent information;
    3. paying a visit to similar domestic and foreign project sites
  8. Summarizing the preceding deeds and presenting a proposal as well as the determination of a suitable model
  9. Providing the space-finding program and presenting the client with the size as well as space per person, and acquiring a confirmation from the client

A  Summary of the Services of Part two, Stage one:

  1. The provision of a descriptive physical program, the determination of the space relationship along with the presentation of the relevant charts and diagrams
  2. The provision of the introductory design in a couple of forms or options, comparing them, and selecting the best
  3. Presenting the design of phase one including plans, facades, and the stages as well as the provision of 3Ds of the projects or the maquettes [miniature forms]
  4. The design of the landscape area and how the project is situated on the land concerned
  5. The study of an appropriate structure system, (with an eye onto the project form, its application, and land situation) and system selection
  6. A study of an appropriate central heating system with an eye onto project needs, climatic conditions/ circumstances, and system selection
  7. A study of project performance system or construction methods, limitations of the area, and the economic justification
  8. The provision of an introductory estimation/ assessment
  9. The provision of a time-table program for carrying out the services of the second stage