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MAHERVAHAMKARAN Consulting Architects, Engineers and Planners

As an active and well-established member of Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, Maher va Hamkaran Consulting Architects, Engineers and Planners has began to work since about 45 years ago, gaining remarkable achievements in its scope of activities to promote fundamentals of design concepts, formulation of criteria and standards for desirable architectural spaces. The company is involved in various fields of civil projects focusing on three main and specialized categories: educational, health and hygiene, and cultural and sport, and has taken measures on research, identification and diverse designs in each category. In educational and cultural category, in addition to the extensive scientific and expert studies on space location of each university branch and presentation of the designs meeting the needs and international standards, the company executed research projects such as the plan for organization of universities of medical sciences and other universities of the country. For this purpose, it prepared desirable criteria and standards for correct link among various educational, support and welfare units in campus of the universities, which is of special importance in optimum use of the spaces considering the feature of this important and vital branch, and performed numerous plans and designs by using the above-said studies for various universities of the country, most of which are not under operation with full satisfaction of the related authorities. In health and hygienic category, the company has tried to optimally shift towards maximum use of the spaces and observance of the least and optimum per capita infrastructure of health centers per each bed by using up-to-date information and technology of the world on health spaces. The studies conducted by the consulting engineers in the said field have been confirmed by Management and Planning Organization of Iran, and it has designed and executed big projects in health sector of the country accordingly. In cultural and sport category, attitude of the company towards sport and social health has made the company have an extensive activity in this field, moving towards reconstruction, standardization of the existing spaces and planning for their development as comprehensive sport plans. For this purpose, it has designed (and is designing) big projects on reconstruction and renovation of big sport complexes of the country. The above-said activities have made the company, as a reputable and exemplary company from Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, be confirmed and trusted by important executive bodies of the country and Strategic Planning and Control Vice-President’s Office.