Layout specifications:

Number of Inpatient beds: 208 beds

Number of beds under the observation / supervision of the emergency department: 28 beds + 1 bed for Isolated Burns + 2 beds for Isolated Infection + 1 bed for Psychiatric Isolation + 1 outpatient emergency operation room

Number of beds: 10 beds POST ICU

Number of beds: 10 beds POST CCU

Number of beds: 31 beds ICU

Number of beds: 31 beds CCU

Number of beds: 8 beds NICU

Number of beds for dialysis: 13 beds

Number of delivery rooms: 6 delivery rooms + 1 LDR + 1 room for cesarean section at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery Ward

Number of operation rooms [Theaters]: 10 operation rooms

Number of beds in the Pavilion: 24 beds

Total beds: 331 beds

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