The Project of Dr. Shariati Number 2 Hospital 

Client: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Investor: The Islamic Development Bank

Contractors: 1. Abad Rahan Pars International Group co; & 2. Goupleh Construction co.

Consulting Engineers: 

Maher va Hamkaran Consulting Engineers Joint-Stock Company (Pvt.)

Land Site Size: 128,153 Square Meters

Number of Hospitalization Wards include: Internal Medicine; Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery; Ordinary Transplant; and Isolated Transplant bearing 510 beds

Medium Care: Surgery Ward; and Internal Medicine Ward bearing 44 beds

SICU: ICU; Transplant ICU; CCU; and NCCU bearing 143 beds

Emergency Ward include: Under Supervision; Intensive Care; Pediatrics;

Trauma; Burns; and Serum Therapy; bearing 82 beds

Healthy Neonate Ward include: Neonate Beds (at LDR Ward and Delivery Ward) bearing 31 beds

Other Wards include: Chemotherapy for Outpatients; Day Care; Gastrology (8 scopy rooms);

Bronchoscopy (3 scopy rooms); Dialysis; LDR; and Post Cath bearing 126 beds

Operation room beds include the following: General Surgery; Transplant Surgery; Hybrid Surgery; Heart Surgery; Orthopedics Surgery; Limited [scope] Surgery; Emergency/Urgent Surgery; and Cesarean Section Surgery bearing 126 beds

Other Hospital Wards include: Curative Diagnosis; Special and Sub-special Clinics; Imaging (Radiology; CT Scan; & Sonography); MRI; Angiography of Brain and Peripheral Vessels; scopy; Support Services; Lobby, Office & Academic [realm]; Drug Store; Foodstuff Store room; Central Locker room; Garbage Disposal; Morgue; Medical gases; Installations and Central Heating room [section]

Invitation Number for any proposals or suggestions is: IFB 001
Client: Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)
Name: ICB/MC; Dr. Shariati Number 2 Hospital (DSH)
Identity Number: ICB/MC: 001
Identity Number of the Contract concerned: ICB/MC: N/A
The Benefactor is Tehran University of Medical Sciences & the Health Services
The agreed-upon price [expense] sum is 92,200,000 Euros which is approximately US$124,931,000 on October 13, 2013
The project name is Dr. Shariati Hospital Development
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