Layout specifications:

Treatment Facilities include 8 operation rooms, 8 LDR rooms, and 1 emergency operation room, 4 major internal medicine wards, surgery, women and children, with special and sub-special facilities of radiology, mammography, sonography, CT scan, laboratory, physiotherapy, CCU and ICU as well as educational facilities such as Conference room [auditorium], amphitheater (Clinical Classes, Library, and Pavilions for students’ stay).

Number of Ordinary beds: 200

LD: 8 beds

N.I.C.U.: 9 beds

ICU: 14 beds

CCU: 14 beds

POSTICU: 10 beds

POST CCU: 10 beds

Emergency [Department]: 21 beds

Healthy babies: 23 beds

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospitalization:  ۴۷ beds

Pediatrics Hospitalization: 48 beds

Maternity Surgery Hospitalization: 48 beds

Women Surgery Hospitalization: 48 beds

Men Surgery Hospitalization: 48 beds

Full beds: 292 beds

Surgery room: 9 rooms

[Client:] The organization [Executive body] for buildings as well as public and governmental facilities – The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

Consultant: Mahervahamkaran Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Gouple Construction & Installations Company