Size of the ground floor: 2962 square meters

Size of the first floor: 3043 square meters

Size of the second floor: 919 square meters

Size of each of the third up to the sixth floors: Each of the four bears 1080 square meters

Size of the basement: 2304 square meters

The ground floor holds: the lobby and main entrance; administrative part; clinic; lab; physiotherapy; radiology; and the emergency

The first floor bears: the Surgery; delivery [Maternity]; angiography; CCU; ICU; Post CCU; educational; amphitheater; and the pavilions

The second floor consists of the installations spheres

The third and fourth floors include the Inpatient areas

The fifth floor includes the children Inpatient, and obstetrics and gynecology Inpatient

The basement includes the archives section; morgue; self-service [restaurant]; sterilization section; kitchen; and the laundry