Layout specifications:

Location: Qazvin

Roofed Area of Coverage: 58904 square meters

Nominal Capacity (Inpatient beds + Posts): 700 beds

Total beds: 741 beds

Intensive Care Unit:

M.I.C.U. beds: 30 beds

C.C.U. beds: 40 beds

N.I.C.U. beds: 30 beds

S.I.C.U. beds: 15 beds

Medium Care level Unit:

Post I.C.U. beds: 15 beds

Post C.C.U. beds: 45 beds

Post Angiography Ward: 30 beds

Emergency Ward: 60 beds

Psychiatry Ward: 90 beds

Healthy Infants Ward: 20 beds

Inpatient Ward for Respiratory Isolation: 10 beds

Prenatal Inpatient / Infertility / Mothers separate from newborns: 64 beds

Inpatient Ward for Mothers and Newborns: 64 beds

Gynecology Inpatient: 32 beds

Inpatient Ward based on Type (internal medicine; surgery; neurology; poisoning; infection exclusive of quarantine): 224 beds

Number of General Surgery Operation Rooms: 14 beds

Number of Natural Delivery rooms: 30 L.D.R. [Labor, Delivery, and Recovery] rooms

Dialysis; 10 beds

Physiotherapy Ward: Hydrotherapy; Electrotherapy; Movement therapy; Work therapy; and Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Wards: radiology; Mammography; Sonography; Fluoroscopy; lab[s]; CT scan; and MRI