Layout specifications

This hospital is located on a piece of land of ​​۵٫۳ hectares in the Sadra area of Shiraz city at a hospitals zone (neighboring a couple of special hospitals) near the vast campus of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. The hospital facilities enjoy 9 operation rooms, 3 delivery rooms, angiography rooms, a large emergency department with 44 beds and a separate operation room, physiotherapy (hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, movement therapy), and the diagnostic wards inclusive of radiology (4 major sets of equipment), mammography, sonography, CT scan, ICU lab, ICU1 bearing 14 beds, and the CCU bearing 4 beds, NICU with 11 incubators for the newborn, mid-level care unit (post) including PICU bearing 8 beds and PCCU bearing another 8 Flat, and the clinic with special and sub-special facilities. Among the educational facilities of this hospital, one may refer to an amphitheater bearing 300 seats, the clinical classes and a centralized educational area enjoying a library and pavilions for the separate stay of boy and girl students (16 beds). The roofed area of coverage of the main building, inclusive of the place of installment of the ventilators is 30528 square meters.

Client: The organization [Executive body] for buildings as well as public and governmental facilities – The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

Consultant: Mahervahamkaran Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Gouple Construction & Installations Company