The city of Sabzevar located at the west of Khorasan Razavi province, based on the most recent formal geographical divisions developed politically, bears two parts named central and Roudab. The central city is called the city of Sabzevar, and its population was 319893 people, based on the census carried out in 2011, while it was reported in the 2016 census that the population was 306310 people. The city of Sabzevar is the third largest city in Khorasan Razavi province, and this city is adjacent to the province of Semnan. It is bound by Esfarayen and Bojnourd from the north and northwest side; by Bardaskan southwardly, by Neyshabour eastwardly, and by Shahroud city affiliated to Semnan province on the west side. The size of ​​this city is 20484 square kilometers.

Layout specifications:

Roofed Area of Coverage of the building: 18890 square meters

Size of the site land: 14300 square meters

Size of the ground floor: 3690 square meters

Size of the first floor: 3170 square meters

Size of the second floor: 2565 square meters

Size of the third floor: 1633 square meters

Size of the fourth floor: 1655 square meters

Size of the fifth floor: 1655 square meters

Size of the sixth floor: 895 square meters

Size of the basement: 3721 square meters

The Planning and programming of this hospital bearing 168 beds was certified by Iran Management and Programming Organization. The patients’ rooms were designed to be in the form of 4 beds, 2 beds, 1 bed, and isolated rooms, and all Inpatient cases have bathrooms.

The CCU: At the heart ward, it is one of the centers which is supported the most and as a major unit it is part and parcel of any general hospital, and it is a location whereby the patients are thoroughly aware of the surroundings though they are in need of quick and special care yet.

Laboratory: The most crowded and the vastest complementary facilities [at a hospital] are the diagnostic medical labs of the clinic where various tests assist the medical diagnosis.

Radiology: Parallel to the medical diagnostic labs, radiology is one of the major factors in diagnosis, which also provides ray therapy and admissions are merely possible only after the physician’s prescribing so. This ward is at the service of hospitalized and outpatient patients; hence, it has to have close ties with the emergency wards and the diagnostic sections [of the hospital]. The major function of the diagnostic section is to take images of the major body organs, the passing of the X rays onto a picture frame, so that the bones and other compact masses are revealed. The radiology section of the centers are for the purpose of study and treatment of the patients through radiological and complementary procedures.

Drug Store [Pharmacy]: The major role and function of the hospital drug store is to control and manage the distributed medicines or drugs inclusive of combination, packaging / wrapping, and distribution of drugs or medicines to both the hospitalized and the outpatient patients. The drug store is designed in a way that it can easily provide service to other patients apart from the patients of the center itself.

Number of floors: 7 floors on the ground and one in the form a basement (8 altogether)

Project Title: Heshmatiyeh 164 bed Hospital in Sabzevar city

Executive Organization [Client]: Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences

Benefactor: Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences

Consultant: Mahervahamkaran Consulting Engineers

Building Contractor: Iran Niksazan Company