Layout specifications:

[Location]: Bushehr

Infrastructure: 22858 square meters

Number of Floors: 7

Number of ordinary beds: 200 beds

Total beds: 296 beds

Number of I.C.U. beds: 12 beds

Number of C.C.U. beds: 11 beds

Number of N.I.C.U. beds: 10 beds

Number of post- C.C.U. beds: 25 beds

Emergency department: 20 beds

Surgical operations ward: 8 operation rooms – 12 recovery beds and 8 beds for preparatory measures

Ward for Healthy Newborns: 32 beds

Obstetrics and Gynecology Inpatient ward: 36 beds

Child and infant Inpatient: 50 beds

Internal medicine Inpatient: 50 beds

Inpatient for Surgery: 50 beds

Specialty Clinic: Radiology; Mammography; Sonography; Bone Density Measurement; CT scan; Endoscopy; and lab[s]

Physiotherapy: Movement Therapy; Hydrotherapy; and Electrotherapy

Dialysis Ward: 12 beds

Diagnostic Services:

Radiology; 2 fluoroscopy rooms; 1 radiology room; mammography; Sonography Lab

Client: The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development – The organization [Executive body] for buildings as well as public and governmental facilities

Contractor: Gouple Construction & Installations Company

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