Shahrekord has a mild semi-humid climate with moderate summers and very cold winters. The average annual temperature in Shahrekord is 11 degrees Celsius. Over the last 30 years, the minimum absolute temperature and maximum absolute temperature recorded in Shahrekord were minus 32 ° Celsius and plus 42 ° Celsius respectively. The coldest and hottest months in Shahrekord are Dey [almost January] and Mordad [almost August] respectively. Although in the winter the average moisture in the air is high, the rainfall is close to zero in the seasons when the cultivation takes place, excluding in the months of April and May.

Layout specifications:

The Main Existing Building:

Engaged in both educational and curative activities, the present building of Ayatollah Kashani Hospital in Shahrekord city is of seven floors and enjoys a roofed area of coverage of 25000 square meters, and a piece of land measuring 30000 square meters. At present, the total number of hospital personnel accrues to 1000 people inclusive of general practitioners, specialists, full time, contractor, and committed personnel as well as the rest of human resources working through a legal By-Law. The average time of beds occupancy is 70 percent. The hospital carries out 1500 emergency and elective surgical operations. As the hub of referral for trauma patients, Ayatollah Kashani Hospital in Shahrekord city offers services to patients. The attached building in 3 floors include the various wards of laboratories, pathology, [kidney] stone crushing, physiotherapy, clinics, educational and administrative spheres, and an amphitheater which altogether is of an area of 6751 square meters.

  • Name of the active para-clinical wards:

Radiology; Sonography; CT Scan; kidney stone crush; labs; pathology; Blood Bank; Drug store [pharmacy];  Electroencephalogram; medical deed [documents]; injection rooms; small operations room; special clinics including ophthalmology; orthopedic clininc; ENT clinic; Brain and Neurology clinic; cardiovascular clinic; and urology clinic

Title: Ayatollah Kashani 300 Bed Hospital in Shahrekord city

Client: University of Medical Sciences of Chahar mahal o Bakhtiari province

Consultant: Mahervahamkaran Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Zigourat Sanat Construction Co.

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