A 200 person consulting firm based in Tehran is known for its consistency of architectural and engineering excellence through a diversity of project types. Founded in 1983, Maher va Hamkaran soon grew to become one of the preeminent consulting engineering firms in its field, acting as the prime consultant on a number of large and small scale projects in Iran. The firm provides a wide range of services from preliminary studies and detailed engineering to site review and project management, a dynamic organization which specializes in the application of multidisciplinary methodologies to address complex problems in both private and public sectors. For more than a quarter century our comprehensive approach to problem solving has equipped us with the expertise to deal with a number of building types including sport facilities, health care and medical buildings, educational institutions and finally conference and exhibition centers. Approaching challenges from different perspectives - from master planning, architecture, engineering and interior design to construction services and environmental design has heightened our ability to innovate. We use the power of sustainable design to transform neighborhoods, revitalize cities, build relationships and connect people to become part of something bigger. While we are proud to have a large number of established clients we are always willing to accept new ones and we are confident of being capable to take their projects from planning, design and detail engineering all the way to the construction management and site review.

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